Work Connect Webinar 2020 -2021

15 Dec 2020 8:00am – 15 Dec 2021 11:30am NZDT

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What is Work Connect?
The programme is designed to enable graduate international students, and skilled resident migrants and their partners, to find work in New Zealand that uses their qualifications and skills.

If you receive an ineligible email, please check the updated criteria here. If you think you qualify, contact us on

You are eligible to apply for the Work Connect programme if you can tick all these boxes:
• You belong to one of these three groups:
o skilled migrant
o international student (Level 7 and above).
o partner and adult children (aged 18 -24) who are not in employment but are available for work and seeking work, or who are in current employment that does not meet their skills and qualifications. These include partners of:
 skilled principal migrants (Skilled Migrant Category secondary applicants)
 skilled temporary work visa holders on a Partner or Child of a Worker Work Visa. This includes partners and adult children of:
 higher-skilled and mid-skilled 3-5 year Essential Skills Visa holders
 Work to Residence visa holders
 Study to Work visa holders with qualifications at Bachelors level or above
 New Zealand citizens and residents on a Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa or Resident Visa.

• You are currently in New Zealand
• You have been living in New Zealand for less than five years.
• You have the right to work in New Zealand, and your visa is NOT one of the following:
o holiday working visa
o visitor visa.
• For international undergraduate students only: you must be within the last three months of your study or have completed your study.

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Your feedback will help us plan the webinars in future.
Webinars will be planned based on the levels of interest for each day and availability of our career consultants.

Note: -Here you are applying to attend the Work Connect programme's webinar delivery session.
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